The Sacramento Masonic Temple Association is always searching for new ways to improve member experience. 

This fall, lodge members will have a new space located in the room adjacent to Lodge Room No. 4 on the second floor of the Masonic Temple, dedicated to their unique needs for traditional use of a library space or study room.

The evolving nature of Masonic studies and resource gathering, placed a growing need to create a modern, secure, drop-in, and collaborative workspace to facilitate studies not possible elsewhere within the building.

The new library is just one example of the SMTA's push to repurpose its spaces and reinvigorate the different ways in which our Temple can better serve lodge members.

Throughout the planning process, the Board of Directors received enthusiastic responses from all resident lodges and their members in favor of creating a space specifically for reading and researching.

The Temple is now in process of identifying, categorizing and transporting books to the new library, which will also have access to current subscriptions for journals and serial Masonic publications.


Currently available are the periodicals Wall Street Journal (subscription donated by Wor. Phil Hardiman, Building Manager) and The Philalethes Journal (donated by Washington Lodge No. 20). All lodges and individual Masons are encouraged to chip in and help us build a strong and worthy inventory of reading material.

The library will be conveniently lit by rechargeable battery powered light fixtures - so no electrical outlet needed - and temperature will be kept nice and cool by our new portable evaporative cooler when not needed by the Lodges.

Library hours will be Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, and also on Lodge nights, upon request and on any Saturday or Sunday when the Temple is hosting an event (Weddings, Celebrations, Corporate Events, etc.).


Access to the new library will be controlled by the Building Management and Staff. Authorization will be granted to lodge members who are Masons in good standing and will be available any time the Temple is open.

If you have any questions about the new library, please do not hesitate to contact the Masonic Temple Association of Sacramento at or call 916-443-5058.

Thank You.

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